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1. Oceanography Lab.

Rizki Dimas Permana, S.Kel., M.Si.

Student Affairs / Laboratory Coordinator / Lecturer

Research Focus: Physical Oceanography, Sattelite Oceanography, Remote Sensing



Potassium Cyanide (KCN) Content in Coral Reefs and Its Effect on The Abundance of Indicator-Fishes in The Anambas Islands

RD Permana, S Sunarto, SA Harahap, I Riyantini, Y Ilham
Journal of Science and Applicative Technology 5 (1), 214-221

 2021Waveform re-tracking analyses with Fuzzy Logic on altimetry satellite data in Natuna Waters

RD Permana, B Nababan, JP Panjaitan
IOP Conference Series: Earth and Environmental Science 429 (1), 012042

12020Retracking waveform Data Satelit Altimeter dengan Sistem Logika Fuzzy di Perairan Natuna dan Sekitarnya.

RD Permana
IPB University


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